Saturday, December 4, 2010

GSM controller...

The real nasty part starts here!!

In order to wirelessly control the generator I need the microcontroller to be able to recognize the massage (SMS) received from the authentic user.

Then in order to warn the user, I need the microcontroller to be able to send warning/failure massage to the user autonomously.


I needed a mobile which supports "AT-Commands" and which is compatible with a serial cable. After a lot of search, I finally got "Samsung C-130" along with a serial cable.

It cost me 800Rs. for the cell phone and 120Rs. for the cable.. ;)


Now I needed to make sure of the mobile operates properly with AT-Commands.
So I hooked up the mobile with my PC via serial port and sent commands through Hyperterminal at a BAUD rate of 4800bps and without any flow control.

BINGO... It worked out perfect at the very first try !!

continued in next post...


  1. Assalamoalaikum!

    Awesome work Zafar, love it!

    Muhammad Bilal Khan!



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