Friday, March 9, 2012

Cell Phone Operated and Automatic ON/OFF Generator Switch is here FINALLY...

Final Form of ATS
                                                                Display and Menu
It shows current Time, Day, Status of generator & mains and Time remaining for next Mobil Oil change.

With the navigation keys, sub-menus can be accessed to change different parameters, like:
1- Starting Mode
    1.1 Gas Only
    1.2 Petrol Only
    1.3 Petrol / Gas  (start on petrol and than conversion to gas)
2- Self Duration     (Upper limit for self start time)
3- Mobil Oil Time  (Countdown timer which reminds at next oil change time)
4- Daily Scheduler (For Scheduled turn On and Off daily)
5- Day Mode         (Restricts operation during daytime only - Suitable for shops and offices)
6- Night Mode       (Suitable for working people)
7- Exit

Demonstration Videos 
             Menu Exploration
Auto Start when main turned off
Turn on via SMS
Turn Off Via Sms
Test Bench at University

Valve for controlling gas flow to generator

Valve for controlling flow of petrol (at right),
 and plunger motor for automated control of choke (behind at left)
Thats me with my project at TiECON
(The World's Largest Conference for Entrepreneurs)

Me Again !

 Sneak Peek inside my system

Welcome Screen Display

Friday, April 1, 2011

Initial Testing PCB

Schematic of Circuit Board
For Temporary Testing of GSM Communicator and Scheduler

 PCB Layout
 Developed PCB

Ignition Sequence

OFF State
            Pins Short :  2~3
ON State
Pins Short:  1~4
Self Start
Pins Short:  1~4~5

Ignition Sequence Control Unit


Auto Choke Adjustment

Approach 1
Choke was pulled to one side by an elastic and to the other side by a motor; which could be controlled.
There was too much stress on the choke lever
Approach 2
Choke was couples on a CHAIN, which moved by a motor.
We installed two limit switches to confine the movement of chain within certain limits, to prevent any damage to choke lever.
Choke could be stopped at any position without any excess stress. 

 Motor Control Unit

Generator Feedback Sensing Module

Will give a HIGH LOGIC signal whenever the Generator is on and vice versa.
Approach #1
Created a feedback module ourselves which gave +7Volts output upon 220volt / 50Hz input.
Due to poor isolation, there was too much noise at output, thus generating false outputs
Approach #2
We a Nokia 5Volt adapter J
Good isolation and negligible noise content


ON Timer
Will turn On computer daily at specified time
OFF Timer
Will turn Off computer daily at specified time

Mobil Oil Countdown Timer 
Will monitor Running Hours of generator and will notify when time reduces to zero.

RTC (Real Time Clock)

* Maintains time and calendar
*   Equipped with a pocket for backup cell (CR-2032) so that it could hold time and calendar for up-to 10 years even when the power of the reset of the circuit is cut-off.


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