Device Control And Monitoring System over GSM

It was our Embedded systems project. We designed this system which could turn 4 devices ON/OFF wirelessly over GSM network by SMS and also manually through a keypad.

The current status of devices could also be inquired by sending an SMS.After receiving and interpreting the inquiry SMS, our systems sends the current status of the devices through SMS to the inquirer.

This device is very versatile. It can be used for a variety of jobs.
 Like controlling
-Doors with electric lock
-Irrigation Pumps
-Garage doors
-House lights and appliances
-Water pumps
-For Blocking the engine of your car or your motorcycle, in case of theft.
-And so much more…..

Block Diagram

Sequence of GSM Communications
SMS Receiving

SMS Sending

Schematic of Circuit Board

PCB Design


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