Thursday, November 25, 2010

ATS Classification

There are two broad categories of ATS systems available in the market:
1- Industrial Generator ATS
2- Household Generator ATS

Industrial Generator ATS

These systems are designed for heavy duty industrial generators, with power rating of >10kv.
Such generators are mostly diesel based.

Some Common features of Industrial Gen. ATS:
* Temperature Monitoring
* Pressure / Humidity Monitors
* Current / Voltage monitoring
* Data Logging
* Load Monitoring
* Warning System
* Manual Override
* Auto Ignition
* Maintenance Mode

Household Generator ATS

These systems are compatible with generators with power rating between 1KVA to 6KVA.
Such generators are usually fueled by Petrol, Diesel or Natural Gas.

Some feature of common commercial ATS systems are:

* Auto Ignition
* Load Transfer
* Auto Turn Off
* No Interactive Panels

An Overview of ATS systems in Pakistani Markets

ATS systems in Pakistani markets are limited only to the affording costumers due to the following constraints:

* ATS panels available are not compatible with natural gas generators, but only with gasoline and diesel generators.
* High unit price (25,000 PKR ++)
* High installation Charge (1,500 to 4,000 PKR)
* Lots of hidden charges
i.e. contactors, casing, mounting clamps, wire, etc..
* Chinese vendors are less durable, unreliable and offer no warranty or guarantee.

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